Phase Three

Evening length installation and performance created entirely online with dancers from Philadelphia, NYC, Switzerland, Madagascar, and Japan. 



Philadelphia PA

Leonard Pearlstein Gallery 

Drexel University 

Then The Tail

This site-specific work challenges how we hear and listen to our natural language. Creating space to change our focus from meaning to sound. Then The Tail was created for The Iron Factory, and made in collaboration with choreographer Lora Allen, sound designer Adam Vidiksis, and dancers Elizabeth Weinstein, Ashley Lippolis, CrystalNicole, and Andrea Lanzetti.


September 8th-10th | 2017 

Philadelphia Fringe Festival 

The Iron Factory 

Then The Tail | Premiere 

Winner of " Top five shows in Philly Fringe"


Philadelphia-based dance company allendance premieres its evening length work, bloom, at Christ Church Neighborhood House. Inspired by the kinetic-driven, “movement as plot” writings of David Ohle’s 1972 cult-classic, Motorman, bloom is a rapid unfolding of three dancers, colliding softly and recklessly with one another, in an unadorned space. The work cradles and rocks the viewers, inviting them in with each blind-faith fall, cling and catch.


Performed by company members Andrea Lanzetti, CrystalNicole and Ashley Lippolis, with original sound design by two time Grammy award winner Bob Lanzetti and Ross Pederson, bloom drenches the ground and air with raw contact




April 28th | 2018

Williamstown Ballet Theatre 

bloom | excerpt + Youth Workshop 

October 7th | 2017

The Outlet Dance Project | Grounds for Scultpture

bloom | excerpt 

June 30th | 2017 

TRANSLATE Voice of Dance Festival | Dixon Place 

bloom | excerpt 

March 16th | 2017 

University of Kansas 

bloom | Performance + Master Class

March 3rd | 2017

Wilson College 

bloom + Residency 

February 25th-26th | 2017

Christ Church Neighborhood House 

bloom | Premiere 

Phase Two 

Experimental evening length performance, created entirely online.



The Iron Factory 

Phase Two | Premiere

Phase One

Split bill with Megan Mizanty and Becca Weber



The Iron Factory 

Phase One | Premiere


Solo Performance 



New York City, NY

Center for Performance Research 


Philadelphia, PA 



Philadelphia, PA 

The Iron Factory 

Her | Premiere