Lora Allen has been the artistic director of allendance since 2009. She has shown her work at CPR (NYC), thefidget space (PHL), CHI Movement Center (PHL), Touchstone Theater (PA), DeSales University (PA), Northwestern State University (LA), The Performance Garage (PHL), and The Philadelphia Fringe Festival. As a dancer, Lora has experience dancing in dance films, improvised performance, proscenium work, and installations. She has worked with local Philadelphia choreographers Tori Lawrence (PHL) Loren Groenendaal (PHL) Darcy Lyons (PHL) Nicole Bindler (PHL), Isabel Gotkowski (NYC), Jenny Sawyer (PHL). She received a BA in Dance from DeSales University in 2010. While at DeSales she studied under professors Timothy Cowart, Trinette Singleton, Kristen Fieseler, Tara Madsen and Michelle Mennett. While at DeSales Lora had the opportunity to dance for Cleo Mack, Shen Wei Dance Arts, Timothy Cowart, and Alwin Nikolais’s Tensile Involvement as well as showing her work at The American College Dance Festival.  Lora works freelance in and around Philadelphia in Performing Arts Management. She has worked for companies and organizations such as thefidget space, Mascher Space Cooperative, Tori Lawrence + Co, Sanford Elite Performing Arts Academy and is currently the General Manager for Leah Stein Dance Company and Director of Administration for The Naked Stark. Lora teaches modern and ballet in the Philadelphia area as well as master classes nationally. allendance is currently an artist in residence at The Iron Factory in Philadelphia, PA.


Contact: Lora.p.allen@gmail.com