Project Trans(m)it
A collaborative, transcontinental dance study led by four female choreographers.

Moving into the 21st century, dance is encountering new territories of possibility. Project Trans(m)it is a collaborative, long-term research and performance project delving into tech-riddled space. It is led by choreographers Lora Allen (allendance), Becca Weber (Somanaut Dance) and Megan Mizanty (MizantyMoves Dance Works), and Andrea Lanzetti (bodies and plants). Their points of inquiry include transmittance of dance/movement via technology, transference of choreographic ideas in different physical spaces (all choreographers are based in different cities), what is gained/lost in these transfers, and which technological platforms are best used for which types of physical information transmission. The research supports the development of the collaborative's performance work, but another integral strand for Project Trans(m)it is the dissemination of 'best practices' to other artists interested in long-distance collaboration and the facilitation of international networking.

Workshops | Residencies | Lectures

2018- Middlebury College: Workshop on Techniques and Tools for Long Distance Collaboration

2018- Wilson College: Development for Phase Three of Project Trans(m)it

2018- Virginia Commonwealth University & American College Dance Association: Presentation on Creating Dance Collaboratively via Technology

2017- Dance Studies Association (Formerly CORD + SDHS) Transmissions and Traces: Rendering Dance Conference: Project Trans(m)it: Techniques for Long-Distance Collaboration through Technology.

2017- Wilson college Humanities Conference- Presentation on Creating Dance Collaboratively vis technology

2017- Dickinson College: Set work on Student Company

2017- Research in Dance Education: Project Trans(m)it: creating dance collaboratively vis technology -a best practices overview. 

2016- Decoda's Moved Series presents Project Trans(m)it: Techniques and Tools for Long-Distance Collaboration

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